Have you ever wished browsing the web could be like entering the world of a book? As though stepping through the wardrobe and into Narnia or falling down the rabbit hole into Wonderland, you would find yourself on the pages on your favourite novel.

With the help of modern design and web animation, new and exiting ways of experiencing and interacting with websites opens up opportunities to communicate who you are and what you do more easily than ever.

Average websites can be found everywhere. Their lacklustre forms can be spotted far and wide, crying out to be imbued with the colour and spirit they’re missing.

What you need is something different. Something eye-catching. Something that doesn’t look like the last hundred your reader has seen.

You deserve to showcase your work in a way that does it justice. In a way that leaves people wanting more.

If you’ve come here, you want a stunning website. You want your work to tell its story in the best possible way.

Book Minisites Web Design

Great web design serves as the foundation for your presence online. Make it memorable.

Book minisites offer a whole new way of presenting promotional material for your book.

Immerse your readers in your world through maps, character profiles, exclusive content and sample chapters, coupled with the latest in web animation.

Capture your reader’s imagination and don’t let go.

Minisite Level 1

The entry-level minisite offers simple scene manipulation and web animation.

Minisite Level 2

The mid-range minisite provides the perfect middle ground. Show off your novel with one complex scene and intermediate web animation.

Minisite Level 3

The top-of-the-line minisite offers multiple complex scenes and advanced web animation. Indulge yourself in the very best.